Repairs, Reconditioning & Replacement

If we can’t fix it, no-one can

With our impressive knowledge of gearboxes and automatic transmissions, if we can’t fix it, then no-one can.


How can we help?

  • Automatic gearbox repairs
  • Automatic gearbox replacement
  • Re-conditioning of automatic transmission
  • Electrical diagnosis of automatic vehicles
  • Free quotations on request
  • Collection can be arranged on request
  • Gearbox and automatic transmission servicing
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Collections available on request

We like to go the extra mile to ensure your total satisfaction. To make your life easier, we are able to offer and arrange collections on request.


As well as our thorough repairs and high quality replacements, we also provide professional servicing. Get in touch for more details and a free quote.

Call us for any repairs and replacements 0161 449 9894